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Public Scholarship

Public Scholarship

Jenn M. Jackson’s essays, academic work, and social commentary have been featured in a number of daily and editorial websites. By clicking on the links below, you will be taken to a few of the articles they have written across the web. If you are interested in learning more about their work, please use the contact form to get in touch.

Public Essays

Public Scholarship

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Public Scholarship

"Jenn M. Jackson in The Black Writer's Studio (March 17, 2024)"

In this clip, Jenn discusses abolition, the journey to Black Feminism, and the ways that writing as a Black queer person frequently puts our lives in grave danger. The Hurston/Wright Foundation presents The Black Writer’s Studio, a podcast dedicated to showcasing Black Writers who are transforming the world today with their literary pen. Host Dr. Khadijah Ali-Coleman interviews novelists, poets, scholars, screenwriters and more.

"Gender Talk with Dr. Jenn M. Jackson (September 13, 2023)"

In what ways does a rejection of traditional monogamy and heteronormativity make room for a more expansive, more liberatory politic? How can we challenge compulsory sex and gender roles not only as a means of personal identification and embodiment but also as a collective rejection of the containers in which we have never fit? In this talk, I meditate on these questions via bell hooks’ works. I argue, simply, that Black Feminist self and communal love both ask of us this sort of rejection: a rejection rooted in exploration and searching for other ways of being that more fully articulate our human experiences. This rejection makes room for the types of radical space-making and world building that nurture fuller Black futures.

"Beyond Police Reform: Is it time to 'Abolish' Police?"

Police reform is back in the national conversation in the wake of Tyre Nichols’ death after being arrested by Memphis Police. And while several cities, like Camden, NJ, have had some success with reform, some advocates say it’s not enough. So it’s time to ask an uncomfortable question: do we need to go beyond reform and “abolish” the police? NYT Opinion Writer Jane Coaston and Syracuse Political Science Professor Jenn M. Jackson join Mehdi to discuss.

"CNN Outraged students at Syracuse University have started the protest movement NotAgainSU"

In 2019, Syracuse University students staged a sit-in on campus that developed into a movement. In this news story, Professor Jenn M Jackson details the outcomes of that protest and how the campus environment has been shaped by student resistance.

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Public Scholarship