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Jenn M. Jackson (they/them) is a queer genderflux androgynous Black woman, an abolitionist, a lover of all Black people, and an Assistant Professor at Syracuse University in the Department of Political Science.

Jackson’s primary research is in Black Politics with a focus on racial threat and trauma, gender and sexuality, political behavior, and social movements. Jackson also holds affiliate positions in African American Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, and LGBT Studies. They are a Senior Research Associate at The Campbell Public Affairs Institute at the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, as well.

Jackson is the author of the book BLACK WOMEN TAUGHT US (Random House Press, 2024). The book is an intimate intellectual and political history of Black women’s activism, movement organizing, and philosophical work that explores how women from Harriet Jacobs to Audre Lorde to the members of the Combahee River Collective, among others, have for centuries taught us how to fight for justice and radically reimagine a more just world for us all.



Black Women
Taught Us


This is my offering. My love letter to them, and to us.

A reclamation of essential history and a hopeful gesture toward a better political future, this is what listening to Black women looks like—from a professor of political science and columnist for Teen Vogue.

Jenn M. Jackson, PhD, has been known to bring historical acuity to some of the most controversial topics in America today. Now, in their first book, Jackson applies their critical analysis to the questions that have long energized their work: Why has Black women’s freedom fighting been so overlooked throughout history, and what has our society lost because of our refusal to engage with our forestrugglers’ lessons?

The Media Co.


Black folks deserve support for our work.

The mission of Colored Convos Media is to create a generative and intentional space for Black and queer content creators to be paid to cultivate their writing and creative talents. They envision a writing and publishing world where our stories are no longer marginalized

The Podcast


Jackson is co-host of the That Black Couple podcast, an honest look at Blackness, culture, and adult life. Join Daren and Jenn for their weekly podcast covering the absurdity that is navigating life as early 30-something Black married millennials whose “American Dreams” look more like an episode of “Living Single” than a Taylor Swift music video. They cover topics like toxic masculinity in relationships, race, gender, and parenting, millennial money issues, “pretty pregnancy” theories, and even navigating predominantly white workspaces as a young, radical person. We are sarcastic af and witty. We always keep it one hunnit.

Book Jenn to Speak


They are available to host talks and speaking engagements, panels, and conferences on race, gender, sexuality, social movements, and class issues, including:

  • Intersectionality and new movements
  • Understanding Black public opinion and young people’s politics
  • Abolition theory and praxes
  • Bringing social justice issues into curricula and coursework
  • Writing at the intersections of identity