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My essays, academic work, and social commentary have been featured in a number of daily and editorial websites. By clicking on the links below, you will be taken to a few of the articles I have written across the web. If you are interested in learning more about my work, please use the Contact Form to get in touch.


BITCH Magazine (online)

The Prison Paradox: Ending Mass Incarceration in the Age of Cosby“, 2018

Racial Roadblocks: The NAACP Lights a Flare on Anti-Blackness,” 2018 ( reprint from magazine)

“More Than Checking Privilege: The Gun Debate Has To Get Serious About Race”, 2018

No Need for Superheroes: “A Wrinkle In Time” Shows Black Girls How To Save Themselves”, 2018

“Doing the Work: White People Must Invest In Anti-Racism”, 2017

“Forced Exile: How Queer Families Navigate Holidays”, 2017

“Conditions of Consent: Teaching Children Bodily Autonomy”, 2017

“The Fragility of Silence: Unlearning Childhood Secrecy and Breaking the Chains in Adult Life”, 2017 (reprint from magazine)

“Not Your Belly, Not Your Business: On Serena Williams, Reproduction, and Athleticism”, 2017

“Beloved, Black Women, and the Limits of Freedom: Reflecting on the Literary Classic as a Love Letter to Black Women”, 2017

“A Square Peg at the Roundtable: On Jessica Williams and Why Black Women are Not Here to Save You”, 2017

Black Perspectives (Blog of the AAIHS)

“Black Lives Matter: Not a Moment, But a Movement”, (Book Review: Barbara Ransby’s Making All Black Lives Matter) 2018

#SayHerName–Police Violence Against Black Women and Girls: An Interview with Andrea J. Ritchie” , 2018

“Multiple and Interlocking: Black Lives Matter as a Lens“, 2018

Daily Dot:

Your overpriced Starbucks latte isn’t going to fix America’s race problems“, 2015


“Hate in the Pulpit”, 2015

The Politics of Pregnancy and the Workplace”, 2014

Black Women Slammed by Unemployment Cuts”, 2014

Public Seminar:

“Multiple and Interlocking: Black Lives Matter as the lens through which a system is made clear“, 2018

Teen Vogue:

What Marginalized Populations Need From Our Allies In 2020,” 2019

It’s Your Responsibility to Challenge Bigoted Relatives Over the Holidays,” 2019

It’s Time For White Lawmakers to Stand Up Against Racism, ” 2019

My Wakanda-Wannabe Neighborhood Still Has a Race Problem,” 2019

The Real Scandal With This College Admissions Mess Is White Privilege,” 2019

Terry Crews’s Latest Comments Perpetuate the Same Toxic Masculinity He Opposes,” 2019

Icon Shirley Chisholm Paved the Way for Black Women In Politics,” 2019

We’re Bound by Rape Culture. It’s Time to Shift the Lens,” 2019

“People of Color Deserve Credit for Their Work to Save the Environment,” 2019

Yes, the Midterms Felt Heartbreaking, but Not All Hope Is Lost,” 2018

Kanye West Is What Internalized Racism and Misogyny Looks Like” ,  2018

Boycotting Should Be a Tactic to Protest the Powerful, Not to Strengthen Them“, 2018

We Need to Talk About Anita Hill Now More Than Ever,” 2018

Black Women Have Always Been Underpaid and Mistreated at Work“, 2018

Chicago’s Girls Took Over a Park to Celebrate and Empower Each Other” , 2018

“Black Women Are Not Your Superheroes”, 2018

Imprisoning Children Is an Ugly American Tradition ” , 2018

Trying to Free Just One Person Isn’t Really Prison Reform“, 2018

Meghan Markle’s Blackness is Significant Because of England’s Imperialism“, 2018

Donald Trump Doesn’t Care About Black People“, 2018

Calling the Police on Black People Puts Them in Danger“, 2018

Milwaukee Civil Rights Icon Vel Phillips Has Died“, 2018

Don’t Whitewash the Hatred That Caused Martin Luther King’s Death“, 2018

Women’s History Month Should Center Black Women for Once“, 2018

Why Is Forgiveness Always Expected from the Black Community After Violence Occurs?“, 2018

Black History Month Isn’t Racist, It’s a Form of Reparations“, 2018

“Call the Super Bowl Destruction What It Is: A White Riot“, 2018

We Need to Honor MLK’s Real Legacy, Not the One That Makes White Americans Comfortable“, 2018

Racist Violence Killed Four Girls in the 1963 Birmingham Bombing“, 2017

Trump Bullies and Disrespects Black Women“, 2017

The Story Behind the East St. Louis “Race Riots”“, 2017

Publicly Lynching Black People Was Once Common Practice in the U.S.“, 2017

Women Have Always Been a Part of White Supremacy“, 2017

The Root:

What Chris Brown’s Guest Appearance on Black-ish Says About All of Us”, 2017

On White Women Who Pen Criticisms of Beyoncé and Serena When White Feminism Isn’t Enuf”, 2017

Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels Built Careers on Black Women Stories but Trade in Misogynoir”, 2017

As a Woman, I Can’t Love Madea and Hate Straight Outta Compton”, 2015

How ‘Selling a Home While Black’ Nearly Broke Me”, 2015

Janet Mock Breaks Through the Isolation for Transgender Women of Color”, 2014

Washington Post:

I struggle with the fact that I passed my disability on to my children“, 2017

Why mothering as a queer black woman is inherently political“, 2017

The House sit-in was just a way to cover up years of failure on guns“, 2016


BITCH Magazine

Racial Roadblocks: The NAACP Lights a Flare on Anti-Blackness” , 2018 (Reprinted electronically)

The Fragility of Silence: Unlearning Childhood Secrecy and Breaking the Chains in Adult Life“, 2017 (Reprinted electronically)

Chicago Maroon

Making a space for black women in academia“, 2015 (reprinted electronically)