Trump and Our Limited Imagination Of The Depths Of Ain’t-Sh*ttedness

Donald Trump ain’t sh*t. He ain’t never been sh*t. And he never will be sh*t.

Most of us already knew that so his recent leaked video (where explains that “when you’re a star [women] let you do anything” including “grabbing them by the pussy“) wasn’t a total shocker.

Not only that, his ominous stalker behavior at the second presidential debate, his frequent interjections of the moderators, and even him calling Hillary Clinton the “devil” weren’t new. In fact, it was lowkey expected that he would rely on bombastic behavior, intimidation, and child-like disruptions to establish his hyper-masculinity and overbearing presence on such a grand stage.

So, with this evening’s debate getting closer and closer, no one should have any remaining surprise stored up for him. None.

Frankly, I have questions for those out there for whom Trump’s words – and the droves of women who have now come out to share their experiences of sexual assault and harassment at the hands (no pun intended) of the Republican candidate – come as a surprise. I have to wonder how they still experience exasperation, confusion, and an overall lack of foreknowledge about a presidential candidate whose word-vomit rap sheet is longer than his tax returns. There are plenty of words and deeds that suggest he is the literal scum of the earth.

There was that time when he was slowly and systematically bankrupting his Atlantic City casinos (while still making tons of money for himself) and stealing money from his own employees’ retirement accounts. Then there was a conversation where Trump suggested that he would have an intimate relationship with his own daughter – referring to her as a “piece” on syndicated radio. Then, there was that whole debacle where he created a for-profit “university” that actually screwed participants out of their money, using his celebrity status to exploit the same people he expects to vote for him in November.

The fact is: This man has made it clear that he sees no bounds on his ruthless, money-grabbing, self-interested behaviors. Why hasn’t everyone else figured that out yet?


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