I Might Be ‘With Her’ For Now…

I am reluctantly writing this piece. Both because I am still unsure about my exact sentiments on Hillary Clinton as the preponderant answer to our nation’s lingering political issues and simultaneously dissatisfied with the notion that her candidacy has been reduced to what lies “between Donald Trump and the presidency.” But, I think its time to move beyond that.

To be clear: I know that I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton. Yet, as we get closer and closer to November, I am beginning to care less about my personal feelings toward candidate Clinton and more about the ways this election has reinforced and even normalized sexist, patriarchal dog whistle politics despite Clinton’s overwhelming qualifications for the highest position in the US government. In fact, her qualifications put her ahead of the last three presidents, their opponents, and even their vice presidents. That means something.

It must also be said that one of the biggest mistakes Clinton and her supporters and accolytes ever made was telling us that she was our only hope. I remember so distinctly when Arianna Huffington described Hillary Clinton as “the only one who can stop Trump.” They really believe that. Many of us do not. But, their “all or nothing” approach to this election is one of the reasons so many young people (primarily of color) have become disillusioned and even exasperated with this entire ordeal. I count myself as one of them. I am only turning the corner at this point because I have come to see a particular aspect of this election differently.


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